Monday, 12 January 2015


Hello lovely people, I'm in the mood to ramble.
Self-Acceptance (noun) : The ability to love yourself unconditionally, no matter what flaws and traits exist.

Something we all struggle from, is to accept ourselves. But let's be honest, How the hell can someone love himself IF society won't stop pointing fingers?! 
'' OMG! you're so skinny you should eat a burger.''
'' You're wearing skinny jeans with your thighs that big? Do yourself a favor and stop. ''
'' Your hair is ugly. ''
'' You're ugly. ''
'' Everything about you is ugly. ''

UGHHH STOP! What's the matter with us humans?! We literally point out EVERY flaw in one person it's PATHETIC! We point out how one dresses, talks, moves, looks, breathes, everything. And sadly, you know what's even more pathetic? We actually care. We care about what others think of us and we tend to change ourselves for them, for freaking society. I wish we could all just look at ourselves first before looking at others. But I guess in this world we live in, that will never happen.

'' OMG! you're so skinny you should eat a burger.'' This. This right here, is one sentence I heard a MILLION times in my 16 years of living. My old self would've punched who ever told me this. Okay, maybe not haha! But I would've gotten extremely ANGRY and will think about that insult for the rest of the day. My new self, will just get angry, but will ignore it later on. I've gotten so used to people telling me I'm skinny that I've gotten immune from all the crap I've been told. 
My new self learned to love herself and love her '' skinny body '' ,her slightly '' big nose '' , all her outer and inner flaws that make her who she is and makes her a special individual. And besides all her imperfections, she loves her good physical and personality traits, she loves them even more than her flaws. Cause come on let's be real here, ALLAH (God) created us with BOTH good AND bad features, the good ones are there to make us feel confident, and the bad ones are there to look at them in a positive way and love them as well!

So, I want everyone to do what I'm about to do now ..

I'm Lama, I'm 5.5 ft tall with a skinny body that others would die for, my big nose frames my face along with my freckles, I have a killer smile that defeats anyone who wants to bring me down, I laugh at everything stupid, I have a cheerful personality and give off positive vibes in the whole room. I'm strong, unbreakable, can handle bad situations, ignore insults, have my head held up high all the time. I'm courageous, brave, I strive for what I love and believe in, other's opinions don't matter to me, if I want something, I work so I can get it! I love me, and I love who created me, I love that I have a presence in this world, I love that I can be a part of this beautiful life. I'm happy, I'm happy when the people I love are happy, and I'm thankful.
I love myself.

I'm not selfish by thinking this way, I'm just proud of who I am.

You're beautiful in every single way. Love yourself.

So, that's all what I wanted to say!Thank you so much for reading and I hope you're having a nice day. :)x See you in my next post!<3

-EE x

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