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Full Detailed Review on Lancome Miracle Cushion Foundation.

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Todays' blog post will be a full detailed review on the Lancome Miracle Cushion Foundation, which means i'll be covering everything you need to know from it's coverage, application, longevity and so on. A little back story on cushion foundations is that it all began as an Asian miracle product that was aimed to provide light, skin-like, glowing from within finish to the face. Then, it made its way to America where tons of brands like Clinique, Laneige, Lancome, L'oreal Paris and Maybelline popped up with their own cushion foundation turning it into a total game changer. 

Today however, we'll be talking about Lancomes' version of a cushion foundation. Before I get into any personal opinions, here are the claims and facts written on the official Lancome UK website:

Effortless Perfection in seconds anytime, anywhere.
LancĂ´me creates an innovative formula for beauty makeup look, an all-in-one liquid foundation that comes with the Fresh Touch Puff, an advanced face applicator that delivers cooling & moist sensation, as well as easy blend on skin.

The Miracle Cushion Compact enables a perfect control of the amount of formula pick-up.

-The product retails for 47$ / £31.5 / LE700.
-There are 12 shades available which is an average shade range ( deep/dark shades are available as well as lighter/medium shades) , I have the lightest shade 01 Pure Porcelaine.
-There's 0.51 fluid ounce/ 14 grams.
-SPF 23
-Claims to be a solid medium coverage.
-Applicator sponge is provided.
-Refills are provided.



My skin before foundation application:

After foundation application:


-Thoughts on the packaging: 

As you can tell from the photos, the packaging is luxurious and very pretty! The compact isn't bulky so it's travel friendly. It has a mirror which is always an added bonus.


I personally tried 4 methods of application and found that using a DRY beauty sponge is the best! I have tried using a brush but it gave me zero coverage and I felt like I was putting nothing on my skin. A wet sponge worked fine but I did feel like it was soaking a bit of the product and I had to use more of it. The applicator sponge that's provided with the compact is actually pretty good and you can easily build up the coverage of the foundation with it, however, I'm personally more use to using a sponge rather than a puff so this is solely based on your comfort zone and your preference! Nonetheless, the applicator sponge is very good and I would recommend it if you don't own a beauty sponge.

-Shade, Coverage and Finish:

Like I mentioned in the beginning, I have the lightest shade which is a perfect match for my skin tone, even though I'm not considered the palest person in the world. So, if you're a lighter shade than I am, then you'll have to add a foundation lightener of some sort to create a lighter/paler shade. Coverage wise, it's pretty buildable. In the demo I have at a high low coverage, where it evened out my skin tone but you can still see all my freckles peeking through. You can build it up to a maximum of a solid medium coverage like the product claimed without looking cakey. The finish is definitely not matte in any way, so if you have oily skin then I would recommend using a matte primer underneath or set it with a mattifying powder. However, if you have dry skin or combination skin, then this the is perfect product for you as it has a dewy satin finish where it's not super shiny or dull.
Also, blush, bronzer and highlight blends beautifully on top whether you set with a powder or not, so if you're not one to usually set your foundation with powder, you don't have to worry about blending powder products on top.


The foundation lasts for about 6/7 hours on my skin, then it will start to fade and the powder products on top will start to look a bit patchy and uneven on certain places. But, you can always touch up and add more of the product due to it's light consistency and gel like formula where it won't look cakey or unnatural. 

Final thoughts and IS IT WORTH IT?

If you are looking for a light foundation for everyday wear that doesn't look like you're wearing makeup but still very put together, then this is the product for you. This foundation is by no means a full coverage foundation that will cover active acne or scars. Do I think it's a must have? No. You can have the same finish and effect with a BB cream or a light coverage drugstore foundation. However, if you do decide to splurge and buy it, you are getting what you pay for!
Overall, I give this foundation 2 thumbs up and I would highly recommend it to whoever is looking to splurge on a luxury foundation.

That's all for today lovies! Hope you enjoyed and feel free to leave suggestions for future blog posts.
See you next time! x
- Elle H.

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