Monday, 15 December 2014

Lana Del Rey & Underground Music

Hello lovely people! Today i'll be talking about a whole different topic, non-beauty or fashion related, which is music. We all listen to music, I feel like it's something necessary in our daily life, well, for me at least. I personally gravitate towards alternative/indie music, maybe a little bit of pop here and then. For me to get obsessed over a song, the beat and the lyrics has to be perfection, the song has to speak to me even if I don't relate to its lyrics whatsoever.
Lana Del Rey.
Elizabeth Grant who's known by her stage name Lana Del Rey, is one of those singers who literally, I mean literally, NEVER fails to impress me with her songs, or I have to say her little master pieces. The lyrics, the melody, the story behind every song, all of it is on point every single time. I found out about her 3 years ago when she released her biggest hit single ''Video Games'' and I fell in love with her ever since. Del Rey is known for her poetic approach to her songs, she shares a little piece of her life in every song, and every album she came out with tells a story. Del Rey is classified as an alternative singer with a bit of rock/indie tones depending on which song you're listening to. When you listen to any of her songs, you can definitely hear her sorrows and heart breaks in her way of singing, I can't control myself from getting lost into her world. Lana Del Rey came out with 3 albums, ''Born To Die'' , ''Paradise'' which is the second edition of ''Born To Die'', and her latest one which came out on June of this year which is called ''Ultraviolence'', and must I say, ALL 3 of them are perfect in their own way. Each of them has a different theme or ''story'', but they all link together as in the end, it's her life.
If I could describe her in 3 words, I would simply have to say: Unique, Captivating and Emotive. She truely deserves the same recognition Miley Cyrus has for example, but for the right reasons.
Here are my absolute favorite LDR songs. Keep in mind I had to narrow it down from 84 to 20 songs just to keep this post short, but if I could mention all 84 I would cause they're all just amazing.
From her new album '' Ultraviolence ''
- West Coast
- Ultraviolence
- Shades of cool
- Florida Kilos
- Brooklyn Baby
- Pretty When You Cry
- Old Money
Others from ''Born To Die'', ''Paradise'' and random ones.
- Born To Die
- Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight
- Serial Killer
- National Anthem
- Gods & Monsters
- Because Of You
- Radio
- Blue Jeans
- Bel Air
- Ride
- Pawn Shop Blues
- Million Dollar Man
- Summertime Sadness
- The Neighbourhood
- Daughter
- Bastille
- Two Door Cinema Club
- Marina And The Diamonds
Artists that aren't really considered underground.
- Ellie Goulding
- Lorde
- The Weeknd
- Sia
- James Arthur
- Coldplay
Specific music.
- Jaymes Young_Moondust
- Neon Indian_Polish Girl
- Arctic Monkeys_Knee Socks
- Cherub_Monogamy
- Cherub_Doses & Mimosas
- Cherub_Hold Me
- Troye Sivan_Touch
- Clean Bandit_Up Again
- Jhene Aiko_The Pressure
- Tinashe_Boss ( Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
- Female Energy_Willow
- Rootkit_Against The Sun
- Labrinth_Let It Be
- ODESZA_Say My Name
- Son Lux_Lost It To Trying

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you're having a nice day.:)x See you in my next post!<3
-EE x

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