Monday, 15 December 2014

Lana Del Rey & Underground Music

Hello lovely people! Today i'll be talking about a whole different topic, non-beauty or fashion related, which is music. We all listen to music, I feel like it's something necessary in our daily life, well, for me at least. I personally gravitate towards alternative/indie music, maybe a little bit of pop here and then. For me to get obsessed over a song, the beat and the lyrics has to be perfection, the song has to speak to me even if I don't relate to its lyrics whatsoever.
Lana Del Rey.
Elizabeth Grant who's known by her stage name Lana Del Rey, is one of those singers who literally, I mean literally, NEVER fails to impress me with her songs, or I have to say her little master pieces. The lyrics, the melody, the story behind every song, all of it is on point every single time. I found out about her 3 years ago when she released her biggest hit single ''Video Games'' and I fell in love with her ever since. Del Rey is known for her poetic approach to her songs, she shares a little piece of her life in every song, and every album she came out with tells a story. Del Rey is classified as an alternative singer with a bit of rock/indie tones depending on which song you're listening to. When you listen to any of her songs, you can definitely hear her sorrows and heart breaks in her way of singing, I can't control myself from getting lost into her world. Lana Del Rey came out with 3 albums, ''Born To Die'' , ''Paradise'' which is the second edition of ''Born To Die'', and her latest one which came out on June of this year which is called ''Ultraviolence'', and must I say, ALL 3 of them are perfect in their own way. Each of them has a different theme or ''story'', but they all link together as in the end, it's her life.
If I could describe her in 3 words, I would simply have to say: Unique, Captivating and Emotive. She truely deserves the same recognition Miley Cyrus has for example, but for the right reasons.
Here are my absolute favorite LDR songs. Keep in mind I had to narrow it down from 84 to 20 songs just to keep this post short, but if I could mention all 84 I would cause they're all just amazing.
From her new album '' Ultraviolence ''
- West Coast
- Ultraviolence
- Shades of cool
- Florida Kilos
- Brooklyn Baby
- Pretty When You Cry
- Old Money
Others from ''Born To Die'', ''Paradise'' and random ones.
- Born To Die
- Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight
- Serial Killer
- National Anthem
- Gods & Monsters
- Because Of You
- Radio
- Blue Jeans
- Bel Air
- Ride
- Pawn Shop Blues
- Million Dollar Man
- Summertime Sadness
- The Neighbourhood
- Daughter
- Bastille
- Two Door Cinema Club
- Marina And The Diamonds
Artists that aren't really considered underground.
- Ellie Goulding
- Lorde
- The Weeknd
- Sia
- James Arthur
- Coldplay
Specific music.
- Jaymes Young_Moondust
- Neon Indian_Polish Girl
- Arctic Monkeys_Knee Socks
- Cherub_Monogamy
- Cherub_Doses & Mimosas
- Cherub_Hold Me
- Troye Sivan_Touch
- Clean Bandit_Up Again
- Jhene Aiko_The Pressure
- Tinashe_Boss ( Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
- Female Energy_Willow
- Rootkit_Against The Sun
- Labrinth_Let It Be
- ODESZA_Say My Name
- Son Lux_Lost It To Trying

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you're having a nice day.:)x See you in my next post!<3
-EE x

Friday, 12 December 2014

Fresh Faced Makeup

Hello lovely people! Hope you're having an awesome Friday! Today I'm going to show you how to achieve an extremely easy makeup look that's focused on big lashes, bold eyebrows and glossy pink lips. You can call this a ''No Makeup'' makeup look.
So here we go.
Products Used.
1) L'oreal True Match concealer, shade: 04
2) Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara
3) Benefit they're Real! Mascara
4) The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit, shade: 03
5) Bourjois Chocolate Bronzing Powder
6) Gosh blush, shade: Flower Power
7) L'oreal Extraordinaire by Colour Riche, shade: Rose Melody

Step 1) As always, you have to start with your base, whether it's Foundation, BB cream or Concealer. My preference is using concealer only under the eyes and on blemishes to get the most natural look.
Step 2) The eyebrows! Ofcourse, you can't forget about them eyebrows. I simply fill them in using the body shop brow & liner kit. If you wanna see a more in-depth method of how I fill them in just check out my previous post.
Step 3 and the main focus of this look! Big lashes! The key to achieving big, bold lashes without using any falsies, is to layer TWO Mascaras. A lengthening one and a volumizing one. One coat of each mascara will give you two coats of length and volume! AND don't forget to curl your lashes using an eyelash curler! My personal favorite lengthening mascara is the Benefit they're Real! and the Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless mascara is PERFECT for volumizing!
Step 4) Using a blush brush, apply a pink/coral blush to the apples of your cheeks.
Step 5) Contouring. Since this look is focused on the big lashes and eyebrows, I suggest contouring the cheekbones to balance out the look and give shape and dimension to the face. So, using a small slightly dense brush, contour the hollows of your cheekbones (by doing the ''fishy'' face), temples and jaw line using a bronzer.
Last step) Apply a pink/coral lipstick or lipgloss that matches the colour of your blush to pull the whole look together.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you're having a nice day.:)x See you in my next post!<3
-EE x

Monday, 8 December 2014


Hello lovely people! First of all I'd like to apologize for not posting on Friday, If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that I had no internet and I wasn't able to create any blog posts or nothing, but thank god everything is figured out and i'll be continuing with my schedule which is posting every Monday and Friday!<3

If you've seen my ''Bare'' blog post, then you know that I lack in one very important face feature, which are the eyebrows. Yes, it's sad, i know. BUT, this is where makeup comes along and makes everything look ''perfect'' even if it's just for a couple of hours. So, in this post, i'll be telling you how I fill in my eyebrows.
The ONLY product I use is The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit in the shade 03, which is the darkest shade. It has 2 colours, a Dark Brown and a Black, but I only use the Dark Brown in the kit, And to fill in my eyebrows I use a Random liner brush from H&M, which is pretty good and quite precise.

Tip 1) NEVER use a Black powder to fill in your eyebrows, it will look super unnatural and that's not what we're going for. The Key is filling in your eyebrows as natural as possible.

Tip 2) They say '' Try using a shade or 2 lighter than your natural hair colour to fill in your eyebrows '' but no. I've tried that, never showed up, never worked out. I personally recommend using the EXACT same shade of you natural EYEBROW colour!! BUT, the secret to getting a natural look, is to fill in with a light hand in the inner parts, AND then build up the colour moving towards the tail of your eyebrow.

Like I said, they're only 3 STEPS!

Step 1) Using the brown powder and the liner brush, from the Bottom, Draw a line that starts from the inner part to the tail.

Step 2) Draw another line at the top, BUT, this time the line starts from the ARCH of the eyebrow to the tail. Then fill in the space we created with the powder.

Step 3 and the MOST IMPORTANT step! Using NO excess product, simply take the liner brush and start filling in the inner part of the eyebrow using the left-over product on the brush! This way, you'll create a natural looking brow!

OPTIONAL! After filling in both eyebrows and everything looks nicely shaped, you can use an Eyebrow Gel to set them in place. A good one is the Essence eyebrow gel.
Personally, I sometimes do this step and sometimes I skip it, but I don't feel like it does a huge difference to my eyebrows.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you're having a nice day.:)x See you in my next post!<3

-EE x


ANNOUNCEMET!! From now on, i'll be posting only on Mondays and Fridays! As unfortunately, i'll be going back to school and I won't have much time to post frequently like I am now. Make sure to follow me on Twitter @EveryythingElle to be updated. x

Youtube. To some, it's just a website where you can find new music, search weird cat videos or look up Channing Tatum funny moments, but no, it's more than that. It's a community consisting of all kinds of youtubers, such as beauty gurus and vloggers, it's a hobby and a job, it's a place where if you need anything, you'll find. About 3 and half years ago, I stumbled upon this beauty guru named Bethany Mota, at the time she was 16 and was creating all kinds of beauty related videos, she had about, ummm maybe a million subscribers? and was simply making videos to the public, to the ''fans'' who she now calls her best friends, to all her loyal supporters who love her personality, she was one of a kind and still is. Look at her now! She has nearly 8 MILLION subscribers, won TOP 2 on Dancing With The Stars, has her own clothing line with Aeropostale AND created her own perfume. 

There's a massive amount of youtubers just like her who accomplished so much at a very young age, they're a true inspiration to not only myself, but to millions and millions all over the world. They all started with a mind-set to just have fun and not really bother about the amount of people who will watch these videos or not, and now, they're what we call '' Youtube Famous ''. 

Zoe Sugg.<3

In those 3 years, I've watched A LOT of youtubers with different categories, but there is one specific youtuber who I love the most, dedicated to the most, I consider her my idol, I support everything she does and honestly, no words can describe how genuine she is, how she respects, loves and treats her subscribers in a way that warms my heart. Her name is Zoella Sugg AKA Zoe. This woman changed my life in so many ways! First of all, she's a British beauty guru, but she does random videos from time to time, she uploads every Sunday and she currently has 6 and a half million subscribers. She's diagnosed with Anxiety ever since she was 14 and now she's 24 years old and still battling panic attacks. This woman wrote a book called ''Girl Online'', has her own bath and beauty range ''Zoella Beauty'', she's been on tons of interviews , been on the radio AND won 5 awards! I'm actually tearing up just talking about how far she's come and seeing how happy she is now with her boyfriend who is also a youtuber, Alfie Deyes (#Zalfie), and it literally makes me out of words, there relationship is legit perfection and I love them both in a way I really can't describe! You just have to see for yourselves how awesome they really are!

 It's crazy how you can fall in love with people you've never met or talked to, but no they're not strangers. Because they tend to share their lives on the internet whether it's on Youtube, Twitter or Instagram, I don't conisder them as strangers, at all actually! Not only Zoe and Alfie, but ALL the youtubers I watch, call me creepy but I see them as family. 

There is so much I could say about these human beings but no words will ever do them justice. So, down below i'll link the channels of my all time favorite youtubers and please give them a chance. I PROMISE you, you'll be obsessed, just like I am!

-Beauty Gurus.
-My number 1, Zoella Sugg <3
-Aspyn Ovard
-Augusta Jeorgia
-Lindsey Hughes
-Bethany Mota
-Claudia Sulewski
-Carli Bybel
-Casey Holmes
-Emily-Victoria Canham
-Emily Noel
-Katy Bellotte
-Lauren Curtis
Random Youtubers and Vlog Channels.
-My number 1 (again), MoreZoella
-Alfie Deyes , His Vlog Channel
-Caspar Lee
-Jim Chapman
-Tanya Burr
-Marcus Butler, His Vlog Channel
-Joe Sugg
-Aspyn Ovard
-Gabriella Lindley
-Lindsey Hughes
-Meghan Hughes
-Troye Sivan

Anddd that's it! These are all of my all time favorite youtubers! I really hope you check them out and love them just as much as I do.<3

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you're having a nice day. :)x See you in my next post!<3

-EE x

Friday, 14 November 2014

My Going Out Makeup.

In this post I'll be telling you the products I use on my face whenever I go out. It's super simple, super easy and it's a basic look that will enhance your natural beauty.

Products used: -Benefit ''That Gal'' primer
-Maybelline ''Fit Me'' concealer, shade: 20
-The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit
-NYX Blush, colour: Desert Rose
-Bourjois Bronzing Powder
-Benefit ''Watts Up!'' highlighter
-Rimmel ''SCANDALEYES'' waterproof pencil liner, shade: Bronze
-L'oreal Paris ''False Lash Wings'' mascara
-Rimmel lipstick, shade: Airy Fairy


 - Apply your favorite face primer, I'm using the Benefit ''That Gal'' as it brightens my face and makes it look less dull. *optional*
-Use concealer under your eyes and on any blemishes/imperfections, or if you prefer to use Foundation or BB cream go ahead, I'm using the Maybelline Fit Me concealer.
-Using a Bronzer and a small fluffy brush, Bronze up the perimeters of the face such us the hollows of the cheeks, temples and jaw line.
-On the apples of the cheeks, apply a pink/plum blush. The one I'm using is the NYX blush in Desert Rose.
-To finish off the face and give ourselves a natural glow, use a champagne coloured highlighter like the one i'm using which is the Benefit Watts Up.


-Fill in your eyebrows how you like using a brow powder. A good one is The Body Shop Brow & Liner kit.
-Using the same highlighter you used on your cheek bones, apply it to the inner corner of both eyes to look more awake.
-Line the waterline with a brown pencil liner, I'm using the Rimmel ''SCANDALEYES'' in the shade Bronze.
-Finish off with a coat or two of your favorite mascara, mine is the L'oreal False Lash Wings.


-Apply on your favorite lipstick or lipgloss, I've been loving nude colours lately like the Rimmel Lipstick in the colour Airy Fairy.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you're having a nice day. :)x
See you in the next post.<3

-EE x

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

There's no rainbow without a little rain.

Even though I have a beauty related post all ready to be published, I felt like I had to post this one first just because this topic matters to me more than anything else.

 Us people have a lot on our mind, we all have priorities, we all have goals, and I think one extremely important goal is to be happy! Nowadays, all I see are people moaning about everything, about how their life "sucks" and how they hate certain people or school/college or basically anything and it drives me insane! Unfortunately, we live in world where if someone was to ever give you a compliment, you'll forget it the next day, and if you were given an insult, you'll remember it for the rest of your life! We're surrounded by negative thoughts that sadly we forget the small things, the small things that make us happy, we forget the people who love us, the people who would do the absolute for us. We forget that there is a God, who's taking care of us from above, who knows what's best for us, who may give us hard tasks in life, and it's purpose is to learn from them NOT complain about them.

There's so much negativity in the world especially on social media and as much as I hate seeing this kind of negativity, I also wonder why? I get that there is literally no human being on earth that didn't go through or isn't going through a shitty time, and it's totally normal and fine but that's not the issue here, the issue is why complain? Why spread negative vibes? It will get you absolutely nowhere! There are TONS of people who actually don't have the money to sit on the chair you're sitting on and have access to internet and read the post you're reading, Hell! They don't have the money to buy bread! And you're out here, holding your 500$ phone, and all you can do is write stuff about how much you ''hate'' your life?! Instead, you can actually say " Hey, my life may not be easy right now, but I'm still SMILING!"

Just like everyone, I'm a person who went through a lot, better than others not gonna lie and I thank god for that, but I've ALWAYS managed to keep a huge smile on my face. Personally, I don't like complaining, and when I do, I usually hate myself for it cause it's just not me. I love to spread a message that if you have hope, and if you are positive, you'll live a happy life! Isn't that what's important? Is to be happy? If you are finding yourself in a situation that's making you feel down, then CHANGE IT! You are able to take a step and change anything that's bothering you. In the end, just be grateful that you're alive and breathing and that God has given you another day to live a beautiful life, full of laughter, positivity and happiness. Everyday is a second chance! Cherish it! You're born for a reason and I promise you, that reason, IS NOT to be unhappy. Do the things that make you smile, talk to the people you love the most and love you back, don't waste your time on being down cause your life is so precious and life is too short to be anything but happy.

-EE x

Monday, 10 November 2014

Secret behind my name and Introducing myself.

You're probably wondering why I chose the name Elle when my real name isn't even Elle. Well, Elle stands for my initial '' L '' as my actual name is Lama, The baby dear or as some would like to say '' The Llama '' which is most certainly one thing that gets on my nerves (Hey, we're starting to know each other). Most people have trouble pronouncing my name, so I simply just tell them '' Say it fast! Like ripping off a Band-Aid ''. So this is the secret behind Elle, now, what about Everything? Well, it's pretty self-explanatory, I love everything. Mainly, I have a MAJOR passion for Fashion and Beauty and I've always wanted to start a blog to express my passion to the world, but I never quite had the courage to do so, but here I am. :) But here's another thing, I also love other stuff that's not really related to fashion and beauty, like music, TV shows etc. so I'd love to include that in my blog, but the main focus will be on what I'm truly passionate about, like I've mentioned previously.
Sooooo, I've been rambling about why I chose ''Everything Elle'' and what I'll be doing and stuff,  but I didn't get to truly tell you who I am. Well, my full name is Lama Hassan, Currently 16 years old (will be 17 in 4 months so yay!) and I was born in Emirates, but lived pretty much my entire life in the beautiful Alexandria, Egypt.  Although I love it here and wouldn't imagine myself living anywhere else, but sometimes (umm, a lot of times) I can just picture myself living abroad and walking on the streets of New York, LA, 
London, Paris, basically anywhere that isn't Egypt haha

If you know me personally, then you'll know that I'm an extremely happy person, I value my happiness so much, always positive even when I go through the hardest of times, I laugh at anything and everything. ALLAH (God) blessed me with the most amazing and supportive friends and family, if any of you are currently reading this then I love you!

On a less cheesy note and to finally finish this off, I'm planning on posting probably 2/3 times a week. To be informed on when I'll be posting, just follow me on Twitter @EveryythingElle. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you'll be reading and checking out my future posts.
Any feedback and comments are appreciated. Thank you!<3

-EE x