Saturday, 3 March 2018

Going for the LEAP? Should you DIVE in or DIAL back?

Ignoring the fact that it's been AGES since I last wrote something on here, but I can't neglect the urge of writing my recurring thoughts and letting it all out, for my own sake and sanity. 

In your head, when do you think you should take the leap? Whatever the opportunity, situation, relationship, adventure, just a new road to take, when should you take the risk? When should you take the leap of faith? Why should you take it? Are you a 100% in it? Are you imagining the wings that will fly you to fulfillment? Or, Are you afraid of defeat and decide to dial back? Are you protecting your soul from failure? 
Thing is, there's no right or wrong answer here. However, whenever you find yourself in situations like this, ask yourself this question; IS IT WORTH IT? 

Assuming you went with your guts, took the leap of faith, followed your heart, and unfortunately ended up with a downfall, was it worth it? Was it worth the pain? You'll be surprised, as surprised as I am, that not everything is worth risking a break of your soul. A soul is way more expensive than temporary happiness. BUUUTT, the thing is, whatever decision you decide to take, it should never end with REGRET or an APOLOGY! NEVER! 

I'm always into a challenge, I thrive over the thought of running towards what I want. I live for goals, dreams and sometimes fantasies. Though, I witnessed myself doing the opposite. I ran, ran and continued running while having that leap of faith right in the palm of my hands, and then, I saw a hole. I stopped running. Witnessed that hole, looked closely into it, found shit tons of dark obstacles that I WILL face. Took a step back, and asked myself that golden question, and said ''Nope, it's not worth it." and I moved around that hole, went to the other side, and will continue my journey in life. 

Is it always that simple? No, not even close. It's never simple, never easy. Every situation you'll face in life will have the '' What ifs? Why Nots? and Maybes?'' 

Nonetheless, there's a lot of things that are surely worth taking the risk. I always say, ''GO AHEAD AND DO IT'' to myself and everyone around me. I might have done it differently this time, I might have dialled back, but my mind was spot on sure that it was the right decision to take. And hey, that was a risk of its own. Yes, stepping away is a risk too. And that's the conclusion I found myself in, is that EVERYTHING YOU DO, IS A RISK.

Friday, 4 August 2017

S P E C I A L.

Ohhh heeeeyyy! I'm not dead. *awkward cheesy smile* 
Actually, I'm very well alive and happily breathing; but you know me, I have to disappear for a while and then make a grand jaw-opening entrance with a new blog post, kudos to me! This one is a ramble-ish one though, I just know how much you love to see me ramble, don't you? ;) #barewithmeplease

So today, as I was laying by the beach, drinking probably the best watermelon smoothie there is to exist on this planet, with the sun setting and hiding all its wonderful burnt orange goodness; I started thinking about how individuals can be unique and how each and every human is authentic and different from one another. Call me cheesy or whatever, but it's beautiful how every person has his or her own print in this magical world that we call life. Then, as my thoughts started escalating, I asked myself, what are the ''things'' that makes us special from one another? Is it the way we dress? Is it our social media accounts and how many followers we have? Is it how we pose when we want to take cute photos of our outfits? Is it our aesthetically pleasing themes on our Instagram accounts? Are all the ''things'' that makes us special nowadays are merely based on appearance and what we choose to publish? And is this where the world is leading our thoughts and how we perceive people as exceptional or spontaneous? 
Don't get me wrong, I'm one who loves to express my individuality through makeup, clothes and photos, basically all the things that are said to be superficial, but that doesn't make me a superficial person. It's just simply my means of expressing who I am on the inside and embracing it out to the world. On the other hand, I purely believe that what makes a person a rare gem is surely more complex and deeper than a 2,000$ Italian Gucci bag one might be carrying.

I'll tell you what makes you as rare as Cinderellas' glass slipper, hun. 
It's how caring you are and loyal to the ones you love. It's how you strive for your dreams and hoping you achieve your goals and being the successful person you wish to be. It's the vibes and the atmosphere you surround people with when you are around. It's how you show your emotions when you're excited, feeling down or even hungry, yes hungry. It's all your quirky habits, whether you randomly love to bite people (not me at all) or laughing at your own jokes cause that's how bad they are. It's about our motives and beliefs and what drives us to keep us going when life hits you hard to the ground.
It's all about your life experience. Life has put us all through challenges and battles that we deal with differently and it shaped our personalities in so many various ways that are ALL distinct. We're all scarred one way or another, but each scar has a certain story to tell and you'll never find the same story twice. 

We all take things differently, whether they are positive, negative, life-changing, random, important, irrelevant, we all take them differently. And that's why we are ALL authentically and absolutely S P E C I A L.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Products I'll ALWAYS Repurchase.

Welcome back my lovies! x Hope you had a wonderful spring break and Easter!
We are now back with a new blog post, which is products i'll always repurchase. These products are holy grail, and you won't be shocked by some of the products i'll mention, as I rave about them all the time, literally though. 
These products are my ride or die, that I can count on when using on myself or on my clients. These are 100% loved and trusted in their performance and how they look on the skin. 
So enough with the rambling, here are the products i'll be talking about:

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

My Top 5 Single Blushes.

Hello lovies, welcome back to a new blog post! x
Today i'll be sharing with you my top 5 single blushes. I feel like blush has been put on the back burner lately and all the rage are on highlighters and contour products, however, blush will always be one of those products that, in my opinion, brings back life and colour to the skin. Now, all the blushes i'll be talking about are very well loved and used ( as you'll see in the photos ) and if I'm not using my Morphe 9B blush palette, then i'll most likely be using one of these. Two of them have shimmer, Two have a satin finish and the one of them is matte. You'll see a recurring theme of peachy tones to most of these blushes, as I feel like they're the most flattering on my skin tone and can go with basically any makeup look. 

Overview of the blushes mentioned.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Full Detailed Review on Lancome Miracle Cushion Foundation.

Hello lovies! x 

Todays' blog post will be a full detailed review on the Lancome Miracle Cushion Foundation, which means i'll be covering everything you need to know from it's coverage, application, longevity and so on. A little back story on cushion foundations is that it all began as an Asian miracle product that was aimed to provide light, skin-like, glowing from within finish to the face. Then, it made its way to America where tons of brands like Clinique, Laneige, Lancome, L'oreal Paris and Maybelline popped up with their own cushion foundation turning it into a total game changer. 

Today however, we'll be talking about Lancomes' version of a cushion foundation. Before I get into any personal opinions, here are the claims and facts written on the official Lancome UK website:

Effortless Perfection in seconds anytime, anywhere.
LancĂ´me creates an innovative formula for beauty makeup look, an all-in-one liquid foundation that comes with the Fresh Touch Puff, an advanced face applicator that delivers cooling & moist sensation, as well as easy blend on skin.

The Miracle Cushion Compact enables a perfect control of the amount of formula pick-up.

-The product retails for 47$ / £31.5 / LE700.
-There are 12 shades available which is an average shade range ( deep/dark shades are available as well as lighter/medium shades) , I have the lightest shade 01 Pure Porcelaine.
-There's 0.51 fluid ounce/ 14 grams.
-SPF 23
-Claims to be a solid medium coverage.
-Applicator sponge is provided.
-Refills are provided.

Monday, 23 January 2017


Welcome back my lovies! x 

Today i'll be sharing with you a quick drugstore makeup haul + one high end item. Most of these products are repurchases while the rest are new stuff I wanted to try and share with you in future blog posts if they're amazing or total duds! 
Before we get started, thought I'd throw a little disclaimer that this post is purely for showing you the makeup I repurchased which indicates how much I love them and for sharing the new products I'll be trying and reviewing them for you guys. Purely trying to help all of you girls out there and not trying to brag nor show off. x So, without further ado let's get started.

Here's an overview of all the products i'll be mentioning .. 

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Ba Bye 2016, Hello 17.

2016 has come to an end; definitely the most eventful year so far, at least for me it was.
My 2016 was out of the ordinary, I'm amazed by what 2016 has put me through, can't lie but my 2016 was groundbreaking! So much happened that it almost feels like my entire life was put into the past 365 days. Time flew by so fast, but I can't say that I'm not ready for 2017, cause I surely am!
The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals. Set your mind to what you want to see in your new year, cleanse your soul and create a fresh and new start to your whole life by setting a purpose. God gifted you a new beginning that others didn't have, take advantage of it and don't let your past control you. The past is in the past, it's dead, but you're not. Let go of what makes you bitter, let go of what makes you fade away into the shadows of your own body, let go of what brought you to your knees. Let it ALL go.