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#RamadanWithEE: Making Your Ramadan Worthwhile.

Hello my loviessss!<3
Ramadan Kareem to all my Muslim followers, wishing you a blessed and happy month.<3
If you don't follow me on Instagram, then you don't know about my Ramadan series '' #RamadanWithEE '' where i'll be posting everything related to the holy month of Ramadan and sharing my month with you all!
Today, in my very first post, i'll be telling you 8 WAYS in how you can make your Ramadan worthwhile. This will be in terms of doing good, reaching out to Allah and creating a bigger and special bond, helping the poor etc.. (these are all in my opinion ofcourse)

1) Waking Up Early.

Waking up early and not before Iftar by a couple of hours is very important in the month of Ramadan. The whole point is to feel the Fasting and not sleeping through it!

2) Praying All 5 Prayers.

Now, this is ESSENTIAL through out the whole year not only Ramadan, but, it's even MORE ESSENTIAL in Ramadan, as Fasting is not accepted if you don't pray all 5 prayers. So, remember that if you don't pray, your Fasting through out the whole month is pointless.

3) Finishing Quran Once Or More.

Reading Quran and finishing is undoubtedly something very essential, which every Muslim should strive to do. Just to be clear, this is not obligatory, if for any reasons you didn't do that, you are not sinning. HOWEVER, you will miss out on a great deal of reward.
Here is a picture on how you can Finish Quran once or more in Ramadan..

4) Join Community Service Groups.

A great way in benefiting from your free hours during fasting, is by organizing or joining an organization that makes Iftar Meals for the poor and helping out the ones in need in this time of year as it can be quite difficult for the less fortunate to provide themselves with food. And remember, you will gain a huge reward for that.

5) Donate.

Try your best to donate to hospitals, well-known organizations and so. Donate with any amount of money you can, whether it's 1 pound or 100. Trust me, it will make a difference.

6) Tarawih.

Tarawih is an extra prayer performed specially in the month of Ramadan. It is not compulsory, however just like reading Quran, you will gain a big reward from it!

Here are a couple of links talking all about Tarawih Prayer:

7) Duaa.

Duaa is one of the perfect ways to connect with Allah, whether it's in Ramadan or your whole lifetime. There is no better feeling that pouring your heart out to Allah in the form of Duaa, so never miss an opportunity to make a Duaa.

Here are a few pictures including the perfect Duaa(s) in Ramadan.

8) Watching Islamic Shows.

By watching Islamic shows, you'll learn a lot about your religion and picking up tips and ways on how you could live your life as acceptable and '' perfect '' as possible!
I personally recommend Mustafa Hosney in his show ''انسان جديد''

Here is a link to his Facebook page to follow up on all his episodes:

And that's everything I have to say. I'd just like to share with you this photo here, which summarizes 10 tips on how you can have a Productive Ramadan.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you're having a nice day.:)x See you in my next post!<3
Feel free to give me any requests whether it's on here in the comments or on instagram/twitter. I love you all.

-EE x

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