Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Step By Step: Silver Smokey Eye.

Hello my lovies!<3
Welcome to another Step By Step post, where I show steps on how to create a certain look! Today's look is going to an eye look, which a silver smokey eye. I've already done another smokey eye tutorial which was black ombre so click here if you wanna check it out.
All shadows used are from the Bhcosmetics Special Occasion palette, which I did do a review on.

Step 1)

Based on the thought that you have already primed your eyelids, we are going to start by packing a silver eye shadow all over the lids. 

Step 2)

Apply a darker silver/grey shade on the outer part of the eyelid.

Step 3)

Drag both colors upwards towards the crease of the eye.

Step 4)

Apply a dark brown to the crease and start blending. The reason why I started with a dark brown first is so when I apply the black it isn't as hard to blend.

Step 5)

Apply a black shade to the outer corner and a white shimmery shade to the centre to bring back light.

Step 6)

After blending, create a winged eye liner.

Step 6)

On the lower lash line, apply the a mixture of the silver shades and the black on the outer part of the lower lash line.
Using the same white shimmery shade, highlight the inner corner and the brow bone.

Step 7)

Coat your lashes with 2 coats of your favorite mascara.

Step 8)

Conceal and highlight your under eyes.


Shades used:

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