Monday, 15 February 2016

Huge Makeup Haul + Mini Reviews.

As you can see from the title, today I'm doing a pretty huge makeup haul! These are everything I've purchased or got as a gift in the past week or so. I did try a few of these products so i'll be giving short reviews on what I've tried so far.
Here's an over view of what i'll be showing you in this haul.

PS: I'm not bragging nor trying to show off, just trying to be helpful and show you products that i'll be currently trying and hopefully loving.

The first thing i'll be showing is the BH Cosmetics Neutral Eyes Eyeshadow Palette. I've only tried it a few times on myself and on one of my clients and so far so good. This palette has amazing neutral matte and shimmery colours, perfect transition shades and brow bone/ inner corner highlights. The pigmentation is pretty amazing or at least the shades I've used so far.

Another Eyeshadow palette which is the BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel, for a FULL REVIEW click here.

A product I've wanted to purchase for SO LONG is the Mac Fix Plus Setting Spray. The reason why I wanted it so much is because of all of the beauty gurus raving about this product and now I know why. I've used it 2 times and seeing how my makeup stays on, looks good all day, refreshes and leaves a slight dewy look to the skin just amazes me! I know this will be a makeup staple from now on!

Something I've received as a gift from my sister is the INGLOT Loose Powder. I haven't tried this product yet, the reason why is that I feel like the shade is a tad dark for me. Essentially, I wanted to bake the under eyes with it, but seeing how dark it is compared to my skin tone I don't think it will work, so I might try it as an all over face powder or get great use out of it on any clients.

Another gift from my sister is the H&M High Impact Eye Colour Eyeshadow, shade: Obisdian (which is black). I tried it once using an angled brush to create a soft winged eyeliner and it seemed good and quite pigmented and rich in colour. There was fall out, but I feel like that's the case with any matte black shadow.

I wanted to get 2 of the Maybelline mascaras, one of them I did try before and love which is the The Falsies and the other one that I wanted to try is the The Rocket Mascara. The Falsies I know that I already love and from the name, it really does give the illusion of false lashes. The Rocket I've used once and I like it as well, but not as much as the falsies, but I do have to try it a couple more times to fully judge.

A more higher end mascara that I've tried the sample size of before and absolutely FELL IN LOVE is the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. This will curl your lashes, hold the curl, create so much length, will not flake nor smudge and stay on all day looking fresh and fabulous!
Definitely a top holy grail product!

Ofcourse, I had to stock up on my absolute favorite concealer that I talk about all the time and they are my Maybelline Fit Me Concealers in the shades 10 and 20. I won't talk about them too much since you all know how much I ADORE this concealer, I promise you it's perfection in a tube.
A concealer I own 2 other shades of it and wanted a new shade for my under eyes, is the LA Girl Pro Conceal, shade: Natural. This product is my new obsession. I own a contour shade and a skin tone shade and felt like I had to buy another one for brightening the under eyes. This concealer blends so beautifully and naturally and leaves a nice finish to the skin. It's very light yet pigmented in colour which makes you feel like you have nothing on your skin. 

Another product from the Maybelline Fit Me line is the Foundation Sticks, I purchased 2 shades to use for cream contouring and highlighting (blog post coming soon). The shades are 355 Coconut and 120 Classic Ivory. I did try them and I found that these blend pretty easily IF you blend it right away! They tend to settle and set on the skin quite fast so you do have to be quick with the blending process. Nonetheless, it's a good product and I like it.

The last product i'll be showing is the L'oreal INFALLIBLE 24 Hour Fondation in the shades 120 Vanilla and 200 Golden Sand. This is the normal formula for normal to dry skin, there is a another formula for oily skin which is the Pro Matte and I've heard AMAZING things about it! However, at the moment I do lean more towards normal to dry skin so I purchased this instead. I did try it once and I was blown away! I loved how this sat on my skin and made it look natural and not cakey in the slightest! It blended in very easily and I used a Beauty Blender with this product. It stayed on and so far I have nothing bad to say about it.

This is everything! I hope you found this post to be helpful in someway and enjoyed it. Thank you so much and i'll see you soon in my next blog post! - EE x

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