Wednesday, 12 November 2014

There's no rainbow without a little rain.

Even though I have a beauty related post all ready to be published, I felt like I had to post this one first just because this topic matters to me more than anything else.

 Us people have a lot on our mind, we all have priorities, we all have goals, and I think one extremely important goal is to be happy! Nowadays, all I see are people moaning about everything, about how their life "sucks" and how they hate certain people or school/college or basically anything and it drives me insane! Unfortunately, we live in world where if someone was to ever give you a compliment, you'll forget it the next day, and if you were given an insult, you'll remember it for the rest of your life! We're surrounded by negative thoughts that sadly we forget the small things, the small things that make us happy, we forget the people who love us, the people who would do the absolute for us. We forget that there is a God, who's taking care of us from above, who knows what's best for us, who may give us hard tasks in life, and it's purpose is to learn from them NOT complain about them.

There's so much negativity in the world especially on social media and as much as I hate seeing this kind of negativity, I also wonder why? I get that there is literally no human being on earth that didn't go through or isn't going through a shitty time, and it's totally normal and fine but that's not the issue here, the issue is why complain? Why spread negative vibes? It will get you absolutely nowhere! There are TONS of people who actually don't have the money to sit on the chair you're sitting on and have access to internet and read the post you're reading, Hell! They don't have the money to buy bread! And you're out here, holding your 500$ phone, and all you can do is write stuff about how much you ''hate'' your life?! Instead, you can actually say " Hey, my life may not be easy right now, but I'm still SMILING!"

Just like everyone, I'm a person who went through a lot, better than others not gonna lie and I thank god for that, but I've ALWAYS managed to keep a huge smile on my face. Personally, I don't like complaining, and when I do, I usually hate myself for it cause it's just not me. I love to spread a message that if you have hope, and if you are positive, you'll live a happy life! Isn't that what's important? Is to be happy? If you are finding yourself in a situation that's making you feel down, then CHANGE IT! You are able to take a step and change anything that's bothering you. In the end, just be grateful that you're alive and breathing and that God has given you another day to live a beautiful life, full of laughter, positivity and happiness. Everyday is a second chance! Cherish it! You're born for a reason and I promise you, that reason, IS NOT to be unhappy. Do the things that make you smile, talk to the people you love the most and love you back, don't waste your time on being down cause your life is so precious and life is too short to be anything but happy.

-EE x


  1. Preaacchh!
    That's what I've always thought, I hate it when brats whine and complain about their stupid lives, while there are other people striving for a glimpse of the life they "hate so much". It really does annoy me!!


    1. Ughhh i know right! It's a bummer how most people don't appreciate what they have! Just hoping that one day people would change their way of thinking.
      Lovee yaa x