Monday, 10 November 2014

Secret behind my name and Introducing myself.

You're probably wondering why I chose the name Elle when my real name isn't even Elle. Well, Elle stands for my initial '' L '' as my actual name is Lama, The baby dear or as some would like to say '' The Llama '' which is most certainly one thing that gets on my nerves (Hey, we're starting to know each other). Most people have trouble pronouncing my name, so I simply just tell them '' Say it fast! Like ripping off a Band-Aid ''. So this is the secret behind Elle, now, what about Everything? Well, it's pretty self-explanatory, I love everything. Mainly, I have a MAJOR passion for Fashion and Beauty and I've always wanted to start a blog to express my passion to the world, but I never quite had the courage to do so, but here I am. :) But here's another thing, I also love other stuff that's not really related to fashion and beauty, like music, TV shows etc. so I'd love to include that in my blog, but the main focus will be on what I'm truly passionate about, like I've mentioned previously.
Sooooo, I've been rambling about why I chose ''Everything Elle'' and what I'll be doing and stuff,  but I didn't get to truly tell you who I am. Well, my full name is Lama Hassan, Currently 16 years old (will be 17 in 4 months so yay!) and I was born in Emirates, but lived pretty much my entire life in the beautiful Alexandria, Egypt.  Although I love it here and wouldn't imagine myself living anywhere else, but sometimes (umm, a lot of times) I can just picture myself living abroad and walking on the streets of New York, LA, 
London, Paris, basically anywhere that isn't Egypt haha

If you know me personally, then you'll know that I'm an extremely happy person, I value my happiness so much, always positive even when I go through the hardest of times, I laugh at anything and everything. ALLAH (God) blessed me with the most amazing and supportive friends and family, if any of you are currently reading this then I love you!

On a less cheesy note and to finally finish this off, I'm planning on posting probably 2/3 times a week. To be informed on when I'll be posting, just follow me on Twitter @EveryythingElle. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you'll be reading and checking out my future posts.
Any feedback and comments are appreciated. Thank you!<3

-EE x


  1. I am INCREDIBELY proud of this new step you're taking and starting the way of fulfilling your amazing dreams wana rash2a to support whatever you do! I wishh youuu the bestt of luckk 3shann uu definitely deserve thee BEST! I lovee youuuu❤️❤️

    1. Wouldn't have done this without you and your support really!! I'll forever be happy as long as you're there next to me my little nunuuuuuuu😍🙊 I loveee youuuuu beyondd wordsss and you know that!❤️❤️

  2. Lamaa! This is amazing <3
    I'm so proud of youuu :) I'll subscribe to your blog and I'll support you (This adds to the list of things we have in common) Love youu x

    - Jumana

    1. Jumanaaaaa! Can't thank you enough really!<3 Didn't think we'd have more things to talk about Youtube alone takes us hours haha :D I subscribed to you too book addict ;) I'm sure Yosr will scream when I tell her you have a blog all about books haha :D Thanks again love, I lovee youu tooo! <3